Apr. 28, 2016 – Kemp Technologies has announced the release of Kemp 360, designed to help customers simplify and streamline application delivery management across all hosting platforms from the data center and private cloud to IaaS, PaaS, hybrid and public clouds, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and VMware. This supports the optimisation of application delivery across the traditional enterprise, while also supporting organisations migrating to virtualised and cloud environments.

The new Kemp 360 application delivery framework – comprising Kemp 360 Central™ and Kemp 360 Vision℠ – offers a single point for application infrastructure control, monitoring and diagnosis, while also driving operational efficiencies through increased visibility and reduced management overheads. And by detecting issues before they impact on performance, resolution times are cut and end user quality of experience is improved.

Kemp 360 Central™ simplifies day-to-day application delivery across multiple load balancers and hosting platforms from different vendors, through centralized service management, log collection and administration, which reduces operational costs and improves application uptime. Kemp 360 Vision℠ is a proactive 24x7 monitoring and alert service that mitigates the impact of application delivery performance issues by providing real-time visibility of events and workload availability, along with rapid remediation and consolidated reporting across all application workloads. By using real-time visualization of the application delivery environment to diagnose issues, IT organizations can quickly fix problems and automate routine administration tasks.

“With IT estates increasingly spread across internal data centers, CoLo sites and public cloud services, Kemp 360 gives network and application administrators a single point of management, which reduces the administration workloads and greatly improves application availability through better visibility of of key metrics related to capacity utilization, uptime and performance ,” said Jason Dover, Director of Product Line Management at Kemp Technologies.“Kemp 360 also integrates with an SDN (Software Defined Network) environment to identify congested paths between the load balancing devices and the application servers, leading to quicker issue diagnosis and resolution,” added Dover.

Kemp 360 Vision℠ is also a powerful service tool for Kemp’s customer support teams. “By providing vital real-time visibility, Kemp 360 allows customers to pre-empt problems and allow Kemp experts to help fix and improve application performance,” says Derek Kiely, Director Global Support and Services at Kemp.

For more information about Kemp 360, please visit the Kemp 360 product page.

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