Instant SPIFF / Payout Opportunity for Kemp Reseller Reps to Drive New Customer Engagements & Close New Business*

  1. Set up a 30 minute Kemp presentation (face to face, via phone or webinar) with a qualified potential customer and your Kemp sales contact and receive an instant $50 Amazon eCard.
  2. If the opportunity closes and is greater or equal to $5,000 MSRP, you will receive an instant $400 Amazon eCard, on top of the $50 Amazon eCard previously offered, for a total of $450 dollars.*
  3. If the opportunity closes and is greater or equal to $15,000 MRSP, you will receive a $900 Amazon eCard, on top of the $50 Amazon eCard.

It's that simple!

  • You will not only have the opportunity to receive the $50 Amazon eCard for setting up the discussion and $400/$900 reward for closing the deal, but
  • You may also qualify for Kemp's deal registration discount, upon closing a qualifying opportunity
  • There is no limit to the number of sales incentives paid to reseller reps! The more appointments you set up with customers, the more Amazon eCards you will be receiving


*Existing Kemp customers or customers who are already in discussion with Kemp do not qualify. Limit one (1) Pitch SPIFF and one (1) Win SPIFF Amazon eCard per customer.

*The Double SPIFF Promotion expires on 12/26/2016. This is a channel wide promotion. We are not validating with individual resellers regarding eligibility, that is up to each reseller to decide if they allow for this type of promotion.