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Why MSPs like Steadfast Networks choose KEMP


These are exhilarating yet challenging times for managed service providers (MSP’s). With so many IT departments focused on digital transformation, MSP’s have had new opportunities to take over day-to-day infrastructure optimization, management, and maintenance. Research firm MarketsandMarkets has predicted that the managed services market will grow at a Compound Annual rate of 11.1 percent or from $138.27 Billion to $257.84 Billion between 2017 and 2022.

To compete, however, MSP’s have had to move quickly into transformational areas such as hybrid and multi-cloud optimization and develop strategies for emerging trends such as DevOps, Hybrid Cloud and the Internet of Things. All this change introduces a lot of uncertainty, particularly for the more established MSP players fending off agile startups.

KEMP is aware of the challenges MSP’s face. That’s why we’ve developed new flexible licensing models to help them avoid costly up-front infrastructure investments and reduce risk. MSP’s have responded favorably, including Steadfast Networks, a Chicago based MSP specializing in flexible private clouds, infrastructure hosting, and a suite of managed services for customers of all sizes.

Pay As You Go

Steadfast uses ADCs when delivering multi-tenant services with isolated management and security for each tenant. They considered several ADC vendors to replace its F5 Networks infrastructure, including Radware, but chose KEMP for its rich feature set, flexibility and price point. More important, however, was KEMP’s unique pay-as-you-go Metered Licensing Agreement (MELA), which eliminates over-provisioning and large up-front ADC investments and aligns better with MSP customer growth.

Rather than a traditional per-instance licensing model, MELA is based solely on ADC usage capacity, regardless of the number of instances deployed. This enables an MSP to subscribe to a tier of usage with the flexibility to burst beyond the subscribed tier without having to commit to higher usage

There’s no need for over-provisioning or even for ADC hardware, as KEMP offers powerful virtual ADC solutions ideal in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. MSP’s can deploy and take down virtual instances for customers as needed and pay only for the capacity they actually use, when they use it. They can also deploy additional instances, each with its own Web Application Firewall to enhance security. KEMP’s flexible metered licensing was the decisive factor for Steadfast and aligned perfectly with its own service model.

KEMP’s metered licensing is a game changer. Our Service Provider customers love the flexibility it gives them and we expect more MSP and Enterprise will soon discover this for themselves.

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