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KEMP Technologies and the VMware Software Defined Cloud

By Jason Dover, Director of Technical Product Marketing, KEMP Technologies

 KEMP Technologies and the VMware Software Defined Cloud
VMware is continuing to transform IT with cutting edge virtualization, operational management and cloud technologies that help companies drive efficiency, streamline operations and cut costs. Server virtualization with VMware vSphere alone delivers 80% greater utilization of server resources, 50% savings in capital and operational expenditures and a 10:1 or better server consolidation ratio. When coupled with VMware’s entire stack of management, orchestration, workflow and automation tools, VMware’s overall solution portfolio allows customers to get the most out of their private cloud infrastructure, increased return on investment and draw on the benefits of hybrid cloud.

To support this strategy and meet market needs, KEMP Technologies continues to build on the relationship with VMware to help joint customers become more agile and deliver private and hybrid application services quicker. KEMP has over 20,000 customer deployments to date along with deep experience with VMware technologies. The flagship LoadMaster application load balancer supports various solutions from VMware and KEMP continues to build integration that helps to increase visibility and support intelligent application delivery in VMware environments.

Included among the technologies that VMware is using to help customers build better clouds are:

  • VMware Horizon (with View): Delivers virtualized and remote desktops and applications through a unified and comprehensive platform
  • vSphere: Serves as VMware’s core virtualization product enabling substantial data center savings and opportunities to reduce resource waste
  • vCenter Operations Management Suite: Increases operational efficiency with integrated performance, capacity and configuration management giving Virtual Infrastructure admins enhanced visibility.
  • vCloud Suite: Enables customers to build and manage highly scalable and responsive private cloud infrastructures that support automated operations and application provisioning
  • vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS): Built on vSphere, vCHS allows customers to quickly and seamlessly extend their data center into the cloud while continuing to leverage tools, processes and management frameworks their familiar with from their private cloud.
  • VMware Log Insight Manager: Provides real-time log management and analysis with intelligent machine learning in order to allow for better troubleshooting across physical virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Highly tuned software-defined cloud environments powered by VMware are used by organizations of all sizes when infrastructure flexibility, scalability and efficiency are critical to the success of their business. Application delivery technology and intelligent global data center distribution from a partner that understands and integrates with VMware technologies serve as key enablers for these environments by providing high availability, L7 application load balancing and security services as well as a way to deterministically steer traffic across cloud boundaries. KEMP ensures highly available and scalable application infrastructure access while driving down costs for these requirements

KEMP Technologies is a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner and was one of the first vendors to develop a virtualized load balancer with support to natively operate on vSphere. KEMP continues to develop advanced application delivery solutions that integrate with and complement VMware’s portfolio.

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