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KEMP CTO Simon Roach – Observations on the Future of IT from the Gartner Symposium


Simon Roach KEMP CTO with Peter Melerud EVP of Product Management at the Gartner Symposium

There is challenging thinking on the future of IT going on here at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 in Orlando, where several members of the KEMP Executive team including Ray Downes – CEO, Peter Melerud- EVP and myself are attending. Below I’ll share some observations from my first few days at the Symposium.

Data Ownership

Fundamental changes are taking place with regards to the ownership of data and its stakeholders as BYOD proliferates to become the norm. As volumes of data generation swell to unimaginably amounts and the boundaries between social and business data blur, the CIO will no longer be able, or can be expected to protect all of this data equally.

Pace Layering

Pace Layering is recommended as a means for classifying the criticality and resulting integrity of data within an org allowing IT departments to become more focused, agile and responsive to business user and customer needs, something most IT departments are failing at today.

Role of CIO

The role of the CIO will increasingly be one of marshaling the democratization of data across all stakeholders such as businesses and employees, governments and citizens.

New Challenges

Businesses, government organizations and policy makers will face new yet to be solved challenges, but Gartner’s message is clear – resistance is futile!

Mapping the future of KEMP

We’ve enjoyed our time here so far. This Gartner Symposium is an excellent forum for KEMP to interact and better understand the thinking of IT leaders from around the world. The ideas we take from here will help form the strategies and roadmap that will drive our company and product direction into the future.

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