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Latest Loadmaster OS Update

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Recently, we released the latest versions of the Loadmaster Operating System. Our development team issued these releases: 

Full details of both releases are available in the release notes (linked below). See there for comprehensive details of each release. Read on for an overview of the headline features and updates. 

New Features in The Latest Releases 

All of the features outlined here are available in the LoadMaster release. The new Network Telemetry functionality is also available as of the LoadMaster LTS release. This is a significant milestone feature on the path to integrate the Kemp and Flowmon solutions. We went into more detail on the telemetry features in  this blog post.

New Features in LoadMaster 

More details are in the LoadMaster v7.2.54.1, LoadMaster v7.2.53.0  and the  LoadMaster v7.2.48.4 LTS  release notes. There are also changes to existing features and security updates in both releases outlined in the release notes. Incidentally, you can always find the latest release notes on  this support page.

Where Can I Download the Latest Release? 

The LTS and latest releases are available on the support downloads page or click on the images below.  

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