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Latest Loadmaster OS Update

Recently, we released the latest versions of the Loadmaster Operating System. Our development team issued these releases: 

  • LoadMaster – Introduced several enhancements on our Web Application Firewall (WAF) that will provide improved protection, visibility and reporting for your applications 
  • LoadMaster – New feature and updates release 
  • LoadMaster LTS – a release with just the essential updates for organizations who want to maintain the stability of their current deployments while also getting the vital changes. 

Full details of both releases are available in the release notes (linked below). See there for comprehensive details of each release. Read on for an overview of the headline features and updates. 

New Features in The Latest Releases 

All of the features outlined here are available in the LoadMaster release. The new Network Telemetry functionality is also available as of the LoadMaster LTS release. This is a significant milestone feature on the path to integrate the Kemp and Flowmon solutions. We went into more detail on the telemetry features in  this blog post.

New Features in LoadMaster 

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF 1.5) – We are migrating to rules based on the Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP) Core Rule Set (CRS) as the primary set of rules-based protection. Please see here for more detailed information including a comparison matrix on these enhancements.
  • Network Telemetry – native support for export of Network Telemetry data to external collection and analysis devices – such as Kemp Flowmon Collector. (in both releases)
  • Let’s Encrypt Support – Support for obtaining, managing, and automatically renewing certificates from the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority.
  • Bandwidth Rate Limiting & QoS – LoadMaster’s Rate Limiting and QoS capabilities are enhanced to support bandwidth limiting at three levels:
  • Global: across all clients accessing any VS.
  • Client: for a single IP or a subnet accessing any VS.
  • Virtual Service: for any client accessing a specific VS or SubVS.
  • StoreFront Pre-Authentication for Citrix Workspace and Receiver – clients can now take advantage of pre-authentication via ESP on LM using their Workspace or Receiver App.
  • Kemp Ingress Controller for Kubernetes – The Kemp Ingress Controller (KIC) is now integrated with LoadMaster.
  • OpenID Connect Support (Oauth Support) – OpenID Connect enables client identities presented during Single Sign-On (SSO) to LoadMaster Virtual Services to verify through a third-party OAuth authorization server.
  • DHE Key Size Support Extended to 4096 – Support for 4096-bit keys for any organizations that require it. Default is still 2048-bit keys.
  • HA: Interface Reboot Feature for L4 Connection Updates – A new High Availability (HA) option allows you to specify that a LoadMaster configured in HA will reboot if any configured interface loses connectivity with the network.
  • GEO: Additional Record Types Supported – GEO Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) has been enhanced to support additional record types for domains, as follows:
  • Multiple TXT and CNAME records per Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
  • One MX record per FQDN. 
  • GEO: Layer 7 HTTP/HTTPS Site Health Checks – Support was added to perform Layer7 HTTP and HTTPS health checks on back-end servers within GEO “sites” not handled from the LoadMaster for application delivery.
  • Client Certificate Authentication with No Server Side Authentication – Support has been added for certificate-based client authentication with no authentication on the server-side for use in cases where ESP is needed only for pre-authentication via a client certificate.

More details are in the LoadMaster v7.2.54.1, LoadMaster v7.2.53.0  and the  LoadMaster v7.2.48.4 LTS  release notes. There are also changes to existing features and security updates in both releases outlined in the release notes. Incidentally, you can always find the latest release notes on  this support page.

Where Can I Download the Latest Release? 

The LTS and latest releases are available on the support downloads page or click on the images below.  

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