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Getting started with Azure – the need for an Application Delivery Controller


As many businesses look to the Azure cloud, there are many application and network deployments that require the Layer 7 services of an advanced Load Balancer, like the KEMP LoadMaster for Azure. LoadMaster, which is an Application Delivery Controller (with a load balancer at it’s core) provides a number of key features required by different workloads when being migrated to the Azure Cloud. LoadMaster can help optimise and secure applications in the cloud with a range of advanced features:

Layer 7 Load Balancing HTTP Load Balancing
Single Sign-On (SSO) SSL off-loading
Content Switching Health Checking
AD FS SSL Off-loading
SSL Bridging Layer 4/7 Load Balancing
Cookie Persistence Web Services Load Balancer
Reverse Proxy Active Directory (AD FS)

Third Party Applications

LoadMaster can provide security, content switching and load balancing for many applications found in the Azure Marketplace – they can benefit from not just load balancing but the content switching and security features which are needed in customer facing applications such as CRM, e-Commerce and of course Microsoft applications hosted in Azure. Examples include:

  • SalesForce
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Jive
  • DocuSign

KEMP LoadMaster has been supported in the Azure Cloud since 2014, and as a result the services organization has extensive experience in bringing up workloads in the cloud,as well as helping customers with hybrid deployments as they build out hybrid environments spanning on-premises and cloud-based resources.


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