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Enabling Hybrid Cloud Solutions in Microsoft Azure [FREE Ebook]

Enabling Hybrid Cloud Solutions in Microsoft Azure EBOOKAre you considering moving part or all of your infrastructure to a hybrid cloud architecture? KEMP LoadMaster for Azure Application Delivery Controller (ADC) can make quick work of the deployment. Check out our new eBook that highlights four common scenarios and challenges.

The situation:

Because many legacy applications were not built for the cloud, they often require ADC services, especially when the cloud platform lacks the Layer 7 services that the application requires to operate successfully. KEMP Technologies delivers the same core features and functionality regardless of platform or environment, making it unnecessary to re-architect the application for cloud deployment.

Office 365

  • Never lose access to Office 365 by maintaining on-premises servers along with failover capabilities hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • KEMP LoadMaster enhances and complements Microsoft Azure’s native application load balancing capabilities with true Layer 7 application delivery.
  • KEMP’s GEO functionality offers high availability across on-premises and cloud-based application pools, plus intelligent global traffic distribution.


  • High availability and disaster recovery for SharePoint deployments is a high priority.
  • With SharePoint-specific health check, load balancing algorithms, and intelligent traffic management, KEMP LoadMaster for Azure enables the best SharePoint experience possible.

Remote Desktop Services

  • Companies migrate RDS to the Microsoft Azure cloud to reduce the costs of an on-premises RDS deployment where they can publish and balance Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RD Session Host) and Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) instances.
  • The KEMP LoadMaster L4-7 reverse proxy combined with the KEMP Web Application Firewall (WAF) enables seamless publication of both RD Session Host and RD Web Access roles, increasing security and high availability.


  • SAP role-based platforms are designed to improve business operations and business efficiencies.
  • KEMP LoadMaster is SAP certified and supports SAP key solutions.
  • KEMP LoadMaster for Azure efficiently distributes user traffic for the SAP workloads so that users get the best performance experience possible

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