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First Full-featured Application Delivery Controller for Windows Azure

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A while ago on this blog we announced the availability of our Load Balancer for Windows Azure. We realized some time ago that as the Azure platform has been developing the complexity and needs of the applications running on it have become more sophisticated. And while the load balancer that’s available in Azure is good, as far as it goes, that it wouldn’t be enough for the types of production applications now migrating to the cloud. The LoadMaster for Azure exceeds Azure’s built-in L4 load balancer by delivering Layer 7 persistence and high availability for production applications.

General Release of the LoadMaster for Azure

We’re doubly proud today to be able to announce the general release of our Azure Load Balancing product which you can download and use for free. So you’ll probably be hearing quite a bit about it in your various tech news channels as the day progresses.

Why is it a big deal?

KEMP’s VLM is the first application delivery controller to meet the unique architectural challenges of Azure and to add the needed application-layer traffic management capabilities, which were previously not available. Adding Layer-7 load balancing to the Windows Azure Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) platform enables high availability, persistence, health checking and scalability to production applications running in the Windows Azure Cloud.

Partnering with Microsoft

I was going to go into a long explanation of our history with Microsoft and Microsoft products but our EVP of Product Management, Peter Melerud, explains it much better.

“KEMP has a long history of working with Microsoft to optimize business-critical applications. As Microsoft continues to announce more enterprise services for Azure, application-aware load balancing within Azure will become increasingly vital for productivity in the cloud. We are proud to partner with Microsoft to provide the first Layer 7 load balancer to deliver high performance application availability to Azure users.” – Peter Melerud, EVP of Product Management at KEMP Technologies

Other important things to note

We already told you that LoadMaster for Azure offers layer-7 application delivery that exceeds Azure’s built in load balancer but there are a few other things to think about too. The LoadMaster for Azure is simple to provision within the Azure IaaS platform via the Azure management portal so you don’t have to worry about a huge setup overhead in time or resources.

Importantly the VLM-Azure runs on the Windows Azure IaaS platform itself rather than just directing traffic to the Azure network like other competitors solutions. We think this is key to ensuring top quality performance and ease of management.

We’re the #1 Price/Performance Load Balancer on the market. It’s not by accident.

As always, and as you’ll probably already know, KEMP’s load balancing products deliver high performance and feature-rich solutions that provide optimal throughput for enterprises. We’re constantly working at the cutting edge and constantly building solutions for the new environments our customers want to use.

We hope you enjoy this latest movement in the KEMP Technologies’ symphony of products. 🙂

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