Kemp Promotional Offer

Delivering up to 3 Gbps L7 throughput and 4000 SSL transactions per second (TPS), the Virtual LoadMaster™ 3000 offers the capacity and features to support high volume web infrastructure environments. Combining the latest advancements in Layer 4 to Layer 7 application delivery technology, LoadMaster™ is the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) of choice for providing high availability services in cloud, web and application infrastructures.

Single Unit MSRP (US) VLM-3000
9,750 AUD
F5 Big-IP VE 3G
Citrix VPX 3000
Active/Standby HA (Pair) Base Bundle 19,500 AUD
2 for 9,750 AUD

(Limited Time)
$35,990 $51,250
Application Throughput (L7) 3 Gbps 3 Gbps 3 Gbps
SSL TPS (2k Keys) 4,000 3,800* 4,000*
FIPS 140-2 Encryption Standard N/A N/A
Platforms Supported: AWS, Azure, AWS GovCloud, Azure for Government, CenturyLink Cloud, VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, Oracle VirtualBox Standard Partial Partial
N + M Clustering (Dynamically add additional “Active” units for extra capacity) Standard Standard Upgrade to ”Enterprise Edition” Required
Application Access & Security Mgmt. Included with Enterprise APM Add-on Module
(License Upgrade Required)
AAA Add-On Module
(License Upgrade Required)
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Included with Enterprise Plus ASM Add-on Module
(License Upgrade Required)
Optional Add-On @ Enterprise Level
(License Upgrade Required)
GSLB (Global Traffic Management)
DNSSEC Support, IP Reputation
Included with Enterprise Plus GTM Add-on Module
(License Upgrade Required)
Optional Add-On @ Standard Level
(License Upgrade Required)
Centralized Management and Administration, Full API Included with Enterprise BIG-IQ Add-on Software
(Sold Separately)
MAS Add-on Software
(Sold Separately)
Proactive application monitoring service with Predictive Remediation Included with Enterprise N/A N/A
Total HA (2 Unit Cost) List Cost With Access to All Product Features
Kemp Pricing Inclusive of 1 Year Enterprise Plus 24/7 Support
F5 and Citrix Requires Purchase of Additional Support Contract
21,775‬ AUD
Includes Enterprise Plus 24/7 Support Subscription
$75,990 USD (excluding Support)
Access to all features listed requires upgrade to Best License, a cost of ~ $20,000 USD per instance. Support sold separately
$87,840 USD
(Access to all features listed requires upgrade to Platinum license, a cost of $18,300 USD per instance. Support sold separately

*Listed prices are USD-based MSRP and subject to change without prior notice. Prices vary by country and exclude local taxes, duties and transportation charges. Please contact your local Kemp office or authorized distributor for further pricing information specific to your country. All LoadMasters must be licensed prior to use in the country where they were purchased and are subject to local licensing and trade regulations. Must be purchased with Enterprise or Enterprise Plus Support Subscription.
**Choice of platforms include AWS, Azure, VMware, Hyper-V.