Wowrack, a Cloud Service Provider (CS) based in Surabaya, Indonesia. They offer cloud hosting, infrastructure support and application support for applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, and ActiveDirectory. They have 9 data centers across the globe with 7 of them are in the USA, and two in Asia Pacific. Kemp’s RESTful API, which allows for full automation of all LoadMaster's features, allowed Wowrack to deploy their load balancers for their clients quickly reducing the deployment from 4 hours to 5 minutes, Kemp security ensures better compliance and their pay-per-use model saves costs for Wowrack and their customers. The implementation of Kemp 360 is straight-forward and the Kemp support team solves problems as they arise. Kemp 360 and Kemp Vision allows Wowrack to be more flexible, agile and scalable.

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