With the phase out of ACE we’re offering a seamless transition to a new Load Balancing Platform.

While Cisco ACE has served the needs of many enterprise customers throughout the years, Cisco has ceased development of these products and announced end of sale. To keep critical business applications such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP running with minimal interruption, the time is right to begin a transition to a new, fully supported load balancing solution. With a range of cost-effective ADCs delivered on the industry’s widest selection of platforms, Kemp offers assistance at every step along the way.

The Kemp ACE Migration Program Features:

Free Migration Tool

Kemp Technologies provides an ADC migration tool designed to assist with the migration process. This Beta version analyzes the configuration file of a Cisco ACE and translates it into a format compatible with Kemp LoadMaster. This configuration can then be implemented on an evaluation or production LoadMaster via API or backup import to map the settings to published virtual services.

Download the Migration Tool

Free evaluation of Hardware, Virtual or UCS Bare Metal versions

Try any Kemp product in your environment. Like it? Keep it, and we’ll send you a license. Otherwise, send it back. It’s that easy.

Migration Support & Configuration Consulting

A Kemp engineer will schedule a call to speak with you about your migration, and the range of services available to help optimize the solution and ensure a seamless cutover to a LoadMaster ADC.

Trade-In Discount if you are decommissioning an ACE

If you are taking an ACE unit out of service, Kemp has a very attractive trade-in program. Contact Us to find out more.

Kemp offers the best choice for Cisco customers looking to migrate or update their Load Balancing and Application Delivery environment.

Upgrade your Cisco ACE to any one of Kemp’s Load Balancers & ADCs on any platform!

  • Virtual - The most powerful virtual Load Balancers and ADCs in the world
  • Hardware - The Kemp Classic “Gold Box”
  • Software ADCs for Cisco UCS Bare-metal – The LoadMaster Load Balancer OS certified and running natively on Cisco UCS series servers

Discover the advantages of upgrading to Kemp Load Balancer:

  • The Kemp OS is Cisco IVT certified
  • Get ACE migration/installation assistance with a Kemp ADC specialist
  • Better value and higher performance alternative to F5 and A10
  • Multi-device consolidation of Cisco ACEs to Kemp’s ADCs