June 10th, 2014 [Kemp] SDN adaptive load balancing by leveraging the HP VAN (Virtual Application Networks) Controller allows for improved forwarding decisions and enhanced QoE for application deployments.

NEW YORK, June 10, 2014Kemp Technologies announced today that its full featured Virtual LoadMaster™ ADC now provides L2-7 load balancing with SDN Adaptive technology through the HP VAN (Virtual Application Networks) Controller. This allows customers to build application environments that truly benefit from Software Defined Networking.

Application delivery controllers continue to play a critical role in flexible and optimized application network deployments. As SDN adoption continues, customers are demanding innovative and practical solutions that combine the value that SDN brings to L2 with L4-7 network functions such as ADC (Application Delivery Controller), WAF (Web Application Firewall) and WOC (WAN Optimization Controller).

Driving further innovation through ADC scalability, Kemp SDN Adaptive Load Balancing Application (patent pending) allows Virtual LoadMasters to “pull” circuit information related to network congestion across the NBI (northbound interface) within the SDN controller so that it can make better application load balancing decisions through intelligent algorithm aggregation. The tangible benefits to customers and partners will include:

  • Increased application visibility
  • Improved Layer 2 traffic steering capabilities
  • Enablement for true ADC and SDN integration

“Kemp Technologies is focused on providing dynamic application delivery value throughout the HP ecosystem,” said Peter Melerud, EVP Product Management, Kemp Technologies. “Working with the HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller, we are able to enhance our ability to steer traffic based on our own first-to-market SDN Adaptive scheduling methods, combined with the network awareness of the VAN controller.”

“HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller provides centralized control of a programmable network and dynamically adjusts to evolving business needs,” said Michael Zhu, Sr. Director, Global Solutions and Alliances at HP. “The Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller’s reliability and rich features empower integrated applications, such as Kemp ADC, to deliver greater network efficiency, advanced security, and rapid application or service delivery within an OpenFlow-compatible SDN environment."   

Press Contact

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