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About Us

We develop Load Balancers and ADCs. That’s what we do and we do it well.

With over 20,000 worldwide clients and offices in America, Europe, Asia and South America, KEMP Technologies is the industry leader in price/performance value for load balancers and application delivery controllers.

Since 2000, KEMP has been helping businesses grow by providing 24/7 infrastructure availability, better web performance and secure operations while streamlining IT costs.

KEMP Load Balancers:

  • ​Optimize web and application infrastructure for high-performance, flexible scaling, security and ease of management.
  • Enable network administrators to gain the control and predictability of their IT infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of application availability and integrity.
  • Reduce the total cost-of-ownership for web infrastructure with flexible and comprehensive deployment options.​

Our clients run the gamut from Fortune 50 companies to small and medium sized businesses, remote enterprise branch offices, managed service providers and education/public sector clients.

The company is headquartered in New York City with significant operations in Limerick, Ireland, Munich, Germany and Singapore.

KEMP Technologies - What we do and how we do it!



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